The Tragedy 2: Electric Boogaloo

So some months back I lost the original scummbox.org due to a corrupt qcow2 disk image. Everything was lost. I made a new VM and swore things would change! And they didn't. A RAID50 failure left the new VM disk imageless. History repeats itself.

The Changes

Meet the New new scummbox.org. Rising from the ashes of my stupidity, scummbox is now hosted on Digital Ocean, running on a Debian 7 (AKA Wheezy) VM. Debian worked very well, so I'm sticking with it. Currently there is only this static HTML file (served by nginx), but eventually there will be a MariaDB install as well. NEW FEATURE! Scummbox now has a fancy shorter URL: sbox.one! This is mostly just to facillitate my laziness by reducing the number of characters to type.

The Explanation

The name Scummbox.org comes from my long-time nickname on the net. I chose scumm_boy as my IRC handle ages ago based on my love for Lucasarts adventure games created with the SCUMM engine. Amongst my favorites are Sam & Max Hit The Road and Day of the Tentacle both of wich can be played with the excellent ScummVM project.

The Hosted Crap

Hosted pages aren't back yet, but hopefully that will be fixed soon. Expect the Nerdblog and some dev hosting to show up here in the medium-range future. If you rock a scummbox.org email address, you can log in here!

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